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Quick-Connect Spud Risers

Our quick-connect spud risers have rigs up or down in minutes.

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Our Cellar Tech quick-connect spud risers have a proven track record of saving upwards of 2 hours of rig time per well.

Key features of the Cellar Tech quick-connect spud riser include the following:

  • Rigs up or down in minutes
  • No welding required
  • Rotates 360° for easy flowline alignment
  • Choice of flowline connection
  • Mid-riser quick-connect enables rough cut from ground level
  • Facilitates batch setting of surface casing and wellheads if desired
  • Many optional features available such as fork pockets, anti-skid work platforms, and lift points
  • Surface Casing Hangers and Quick Connect Spud Risers Flyer

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